The official launch of Pure Green Farms has begun as four new leafy green varieties are heading to select Kroger store shelves this week. The greens are grown at one of the most high-tech, sustainable indoor farms in the country. The farm which is located in South Bend, Indiana, uses advanced technology to seed, grow, harvest and pack their greens all hands-free.

“We’re excited for our products to be in stores and for consumers to finally be able to try our leafy greens. We’ve got a great inaugural product line up and look forward to adding more in the future.”

Says Joe McGuire, CEO, “It’s been a lot of hard work getting us ready for launch and I’m so delighted to be at this point in the process.  We look forward to expanding our fan base for the days, weeks, months and years to come.”

The Pure Green Farms greenhouse is equipped with the best technology in the industry, which makes growing fresh lettuces year-round a cleaner and safer endeavor. They use significantly less water and never use any pesticides or herbicides. It’s clean and environmentally conscious growing, all the time. The four varieties that are hitting shelves this week include Baby Spring Mix, Baby Green Leaf, Baby Red & Green Leaf, and Baby Romaine. Select Kroger stores in the Midwest will be the first to carry the greens with more retailers to follow in the coming months.

To learn more about Pure Green Farms check out their website: